New Model Year 2012 GT-R 550 PS !!

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Article from Paultan :-

Nissan has announced the introduction of the 2012 model year GT-R – the car goes on sale in global markets beginning January next year. In a nutshell, the 2012 revisions have brought about more power to the VR38DETT block, to 550 PS at 6,400 rpm, with torque at 632 Nm from 3,200 to 5,800 rpm (up from 612 Nm), as well as improved economy and lower emissions.

As well as more power, the 2012 GT-R has a newly developed asymmetric suspension which compensates for greater weight on the driver’s side in RHD models, enhanced transmission ‘feel’ and a stronger body for extra rigidity and ever better handling.

The engine response and torque at mid- and low-speeds, and power at high revolutions, has been sinificantly improved, primarily from improved intake efficiency as well as exhaust emissions efficiency and increased exhaust valve cooling performance. The car also has reduced air flow resistance, thanks to a more compact under floor catalyser which improves emissions efficiency and reduces weight.

As for the transmission, the shift ‘feel’ and quietness has been refined thanks to a strengthened design of the shift fork arm and a firmer fixing bearing for the flywheel housing. Also, a special differential oil – namely R35 Competition Type 2189E in a 75W-140 viscosity – that was developed for competition is now used in every GT-R version.

As well as greater power and torque, the reinforcing of certain areas around the rear part of the engine compartment and dash panel delivers more responsive handling, and Nissan says a greater sense of the vehicle’s grip on the road is transmitted to the driver.

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Fantastic ! NEW AUDI A6 3.0 QUATRRO !

The latest A6 is the fourth generation of Audi's mid-sized model (which has its roots going back to the Audi 100). Though those who are not enthusiasts or Audi fans would say it looks like other Audis, if you look longer, you can see that its styling has evolved in various ways and it has a sleeker profile like the A5 coupe.

The Singleframe grille which has been 'adapted' by designers in some other companies is also different with a more 3-dimension form and given distinctiveness with a gloss black finish for the slats.

The A6 weighs 1,740 kgs (3.0 TFSI Quattro), which is lighter than many other models of the same size (4915 mm long, 1874 mm wide). Some 30% of its bodywork is of aluminium which is not only lighter but also corrosion-resistant.

The benefits of weight-saving are obvious: less fuel is needed to achieve a desired speed, reducing consumption and in turn, exhaust emissions are lowered. However, lighter weight does not mean compromising structural strength and high body rigidity is claimed.

Under the bonnet, the 3-litre V6 is not new and its FSI technology is enhanced by turbocharging which boosts power output to 300 bhp and torque to 440 Nm (between 2900 and 4500 rpm). With a 7-speed S-tronic automatic transmission, the claimed 0 to 100 km/h time is 5.5 seconds, the quickness helped by efficient delivery of power to the road through all four wheels, thanks to the famed quattro system.

A number of electronic aids help in the handling and stability of the car and with Audi Drive Select, the driver can customize the dynamic behavior of the A6 to personal preference or to suit driving conditions.

There is also an 'Efficiency Mode' which enhances fuel-saving by optimising transmission shifts and managing air-conditioning.

With an asking price of over half a million ringgit, you can be sure that the A6 comes with a generous list of standard equipment for the comfort and convenience of not just the front occupants but also those at the back.

The multimedia system has a 6.5-inch colour display and audio output is through a Bose surround system with no less than 14 speakers (total 600W) and 12-channel amplifier. A Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System is also available for those who must have the very best.

For those who want to their A6 to be more exclusive or personalized, Euromobil offers the S-Line options which include sport suspension and exclusive body colours.

There's also Audi Exclusive which offers a customized paint finish and a variety of choices for the interior trim (as many as 15 different colours for the leather upholstery).

Bentley Luxury ! Arab Style !

Bentley? Arab style? They are the Flying Spur Arabia and the Flying Spur Speed Arabia.

The standard Arabia is powered by a W12 6.0-litre engine with 546 hp and 637 Nm. It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds creaming off at a top speed of 312 km/h.

The Speed Arabia gets 600 hp/750 Nm for 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and a 322 km/h vmax

Experimental Luxury Toy - Rolls Royce 102 EX !

No fuel. Just a plain battery. A glimpse of the future.

All New Zenvo ST1 Supercar !!

Jaw Dropping ! McLaren MP4-12C !

Prior to its first model going on sale in Spring 2011, McLaren Automotive gives an insight into a performance car testing program from the development team behind the new McLaren MP4-12C.

The challenging and comprehensive development program has taken the car in some of the world's most famous race circuits and most inhospitable driving environments.

Mak Ooi ! Lexus LFA 2012 !

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